Our Daily Sanitation and Care Procedures

At The Cat’s Meow Inn, we take the health, safety and wellbeing of your cat very seriously. It is our top priority.  Our team will do everything possible to ensure that your cat is well cared for, happy and safe.

  • Before cats will be boarded, you as the cat owner must produce up-to-date vaccination certificates for feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia (3-in-1) and vaccinate for rabies if your cat has roamed outside your house at any time within the last 3 months prior to boarding.

  • Cats will be fed and watered at least twice a day, except as otherwise required by a veterinarian, they will also have play and activity time each day (we guarantee a minimum of 15 minutes twice per day) outside of their condo in a controlled portion of the facility, under our supervision. Extra time is available for an extra fee. No cats from one family will be released for play at the same time as a cat or cats from another family without the consent of the owners as well as at our discretion.

  • Food containers shall be kept free from contamination and shall be located to prevent contamination by excreta. Feeding dishes shall be kept clean. All cats will be fed according to their owner’s instructions and uneaten moist food or meat will be thrown away prior to the next meal being served.

  • The food and water dishes will be washed daily in liquid detergent to prevent bacteria growth or other contaminants. Each condo is cleaned daily with a freshly laundered cloth used only for that condo.

  • Feces and soiled litter shall be removed from all litter pans at least once a day. A separate scoop will be used for each litter box. Absorbent litter and/or any other material used to absorb urine shall be changed when it becomes 30 percent saturated with urine. After each cat returns to its owner, the entire litter box shall be cleaned inside and out. The facility shall be kept clean and remain free of an accumulation of debris and excreta. The excreta and cat litter shall be disposed of in the manner recommended and required by the CRHA (currently, double bagged and removed from premises to the landfill site).

  • The ambient temperature shall be maintained in a range that ensures that the cats will suffer neither from heat stress (heat stroke or hyperthermia) nor from cold stress (frostbite or hypothermia).

  • The storage area under each cat condo will be cool, dry, clean, and free of vermin and other potential contaminants.

  • Each condo shall have an information chart with the cat’s name and picture (if possible) as well as a record of daily services provided.

  • Owners are responsible for bringing their cat’s favorite food, a blanket or towel from home (for comfort and a sense of security), toys and anything else they wish their cat to use, as well as vaccination certificates. Storage of all items shall be under the cat condo in the storage area. The facility and storage spaces shall be cleaned with appropriate detergents and disinfectants as often as is necessary to keep them free of dirt, debris, and harmful contamination.

  • Before and after handling each cat from a separate household, all workers shall wash their hands with antibacterial liquid soap and water to prevent cross-contamination or the spread of disease.

  • At least once per week (for long-term cat boarders) and after each cat leaves the facility, all inside surfaces of the condo shall be cleaned with appropriate detergents and disinfectants.

  • Covers of cushions and bedding shall be laundered after each cat leaves the facility.

  • Cat carriers owned and maintained by the facility and used to transport an owner’s cat shall be cleaned inside and out with appropriate cleansers after each use to help prevent the transmission of disease and fleas. Our detergents, disinfectants, and cleansers are all non-caustic, and contain no phosphates, fillers, ammonia, or bleach which could injure your cat, and are environmentally friendly.

  • Cat owners will be responsible for the cleanliness of their own cat carrier. No cats will be put into a different cat owner’s container.

  • The air is filtered continuously by a Surgically Clean Air air purifier.

Facility Inspection

Our facility is inspected annually to ensure we meet or exceed the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Code of Practice for Kennel Operations.  Please click on the document below to see our April 14, 2023 inspection certificate.

In the spring of 2023 we upgraded our Surgically Clean Air unit with the Jade 2.0

The Jade 2.0 is engineered to maximize the rate of air changes, with the strength to provide purified, re-energized air in large rooms while being whisper quiet.  This makes it perfectly suited for our facility.

This unit is the latest technology and utlizes powerful, multi-stage filtration technologies to remove airborne particulates, pathogens and pollutants giving our feline guests fresh, clean and re-energized air. The HEPA-RX filter removes >99.9% of airborne pathogens at 300 cfm.

If you have any further questions about our facility and procedures please contact our office.

Phone: (403) 606-4044

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