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The Cat’s Meow Inn was founded by Ken and Ruth Wilsdon in 2004 and is located just outside the Calgary city limits, one mile east of Chestermere, Alberta. In June of 2017, Tara Langdon took over ownership and now operates the Inn.

Drawing on years of experience caring for animals, a love of cats and a passion to change the standards of boarding, we provide you with peace of mind knowing that your cat is being provided with quality care in a home like environment. Through our commitment, experience and expertise, The Cat’s Meow Inn has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime! We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service, the care of our guests and a safe, stimulating, relaxing environment for your cat during their stay. 

Why Choose Us?

The Inn serves as a home away from home for your cat. We have large and spacious 3 level condos, windows, lots of natural light and a large play area to roam, relax or nap. We have many cat trees of different heights for them the climb, play or nap on. Stimulating toys, window feeders to watch the birds eat and many cozy napping spots throughout the Inn. We have a TV that plays relaxing music from the Cat Channel to promote a calm environment and a couch, chairs and coffee table so that it resembles a home like environment.  

Each condo is thoroughly cleaned daily, and each guest has a checklist specific to them that is tracked daily to ensure their health and happiness is monitored and to alert us of any possible problems.

We offer many ways to check on your cat during their stay, as we know how important they are to you and respect the need to check in on them during their stay. You can contact us by phone, email, text, Messenger, Facebook, Facetime or What’s App, or at drop off, you can arrange that regular updates are sent to you via your preferred method of communication.

We are voluntarily veterinarian inspected yearly to ensure we are maintaining the specific standards as outlined in the Canadian Veterinary Medical Guidelines Code of Practice for Kennel Operations. This is a comprehensive guide that encompasses every aspect of boarding to ensure that best practices are met.

The Inn also has a Surgically Clean Air Unit, which filters the air every 10-15 minutes with a 6-stage filtration process to help disinfect airborne microorganisms and particulates, dust, dander and some viruses from the air. Combine that with our fresh air intake/exhaust system and the Inn has a constant exchange of clean and fresh air to promote a healthy and fresh smelling environment.

We are also monitored for fire, theft, smoke and carbon monoxide as the safety of our guests is extremely important to us. We live on site and are just steps away from the Inn as it is a separate building attached to our home.

The safety, security, health and happiness of our customers, both feline and human is important to us. We strive to make your experience here safe, happy, comfortable and enjoyable.

The Cat's Meow Inn