A Checklist of Things to Remember Prior to Your Cat’s Stay with Us

When you visit The Cat’s Meow Inn to drop off your cat, please bring the following items with you:
  • Your cat’s food.
  • Any toys for your cat to play with.
  • Something from home to make your cat feel more comfortable, reassuring them that you will be coming back (i.e. a blanket).
  • Any food or special treats that your cat enjoys.
  • Medical history.
  • Up-to-date vaccination certificates for feline viral rhinotracheitis, calcivirus, panleukopenia (known as 3-in-1) as well as rabies if your cat has roamed outside your home in the last 3 months.

We also ask you to keep a few things in mind prior to your cat’s stay, such as:

  • Making sure your cat does not have lice (a charge will apply if we have to de-lice them).
  • Making sure a contact person is on-file in case medical treatment for your cat is required.
  • Deciding how much you are willing to spend if your cat is sick, injured, needs medication or needs to be put down by a veterinarian.
  • A 25% credit card or cash deposit is required for pre-approval of your cat’s stay.

If you have any questions about what to bring along with you, call our office any time.