Convenient Cat Boarding Services in the Calgary Area




A major concern for any pet owner going away on a vacation is what to do with their pet while they’re gone. At The Cat’s Meow Inn, we offer overnight and longer term accommodations for cats. Each of our furry guests receives a private condo to stay in, and daily recreational time is also provided.


Exceeding Kennel Standards

Inspected by The Strathmore Animal Care Center and the Calgary Humane Society & designed to assist cat owners living in & around Calgary, Strathmore & the Municipal District of Rocky View, in the transportation, maintenance & care of your cat. The purrfect getaway for your cat, when you get away. Why Board Your Cat Anywhere Else!
The condos in our inn meet or exceed all the animal care requirements of the Calgary Regional Health Authority (CRHA), the Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc.—the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats—, and the Feline Advisory Bureau.